Picking the right wedding planner can be a rather tedious process, but it is very important if you want things to go according to plan on your big day. It usually involves asking a myriad of questions in order to fully understand the wedding planner’s capabilities and shortcomings. Even though this is a good strategy in general, the most critical aspect is to ask the right questions.

Questions to ask your prospective wedding planner

The following are some of the most important queries that you should ask your potential wedding planner:

1. Will you be available on my wedding date?

This should be your very first question. It will be quite a waste of time if you end up recruiting someone who will not even be available on your actual wedding date. In case you discover that his or her work schedule do indeed conflict with that of your big day, you can ask for referrals to keep them in mind in case there is no flexibility with the set dates.

2. Costs associated with an average wedding?

The main reason for asking this question is to establish if he or she has a set minimum wedding budget that they are accustomed to working with. Having such information will allow you to gauge whether or not they are in your price range, and in case you have your own budget already in place, you will know if you can make any adjustment to suit theirs.

3. What kinds of services do you offer?

This question will help you discover some of the services offered by the wedding planner. In most cases, they would have listed the packages they offer on their websites. However, you will find that this information is usually in a condensed form. As a result, it is important that you ask exactly what services they offer, and any other relevant info you should know so that they are no surprises if you decide to go forward with them. Such a question will also help you to understand exactly what you are buying.

4. What is your main specialty?

It is important that you understand what their strong points are, or if they only specialize in one particular area. In case they don’t much up to your requirements, you can ask them if they would be willing to engage in other fields. However, the best thing is usually to find a wedding planner who is well versed in different areas.

5. How many other weddings have you planned?

Wedding experience is a very crucial aspect when it comes to finding the right wedding planner, and you should carefully select someone who has planned a few successful weddings before. You should also keep in mind that even though they may have planned parties and other events previously, it’s still not the same as planning weddings.

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