The “Staycation” attracts people who wish to take a break from life’s hustle without the hassle of traveling to far away locations. Staycation options abound in the San Francisco Bay Area! And the most relaxing, and hassle-free, is a bay cruise.

Why Does a Staycation Cruise on San Francisco Bay Makes So Much Sense?

There are two main reasons why you might want to enjoy a ‘staycation’ in the San Francisco Bay area, the first being that you just want to relax, without all the hustle and bustle of a traveling vacation with a full itinerary. The second reason? You don’t have to pay the travel costs of leaving town. Both of these issues can be left behind in the wake of a magnificent luxury yacht when you arrange for a San Francisco Bay Cruise hosted by Commodore Cruises & Events.

Why Choose Commodore? We Offer Staycations from a Different Point of View

There are plenty of activities in the Bay Area that would be memorable and exciting, but a lot of them also call for you to get really involved, driving from place to place, making multiple arrangements, and so forth. Isn’t the whole point of a staycation to relax and let yourself be pampered for just a little while, before heading back to the daily grind? If you’re dashing around the city trying to enjoy yourself, that may not be the kind of relaxation and ‘me time’ that your body and mind really need from a break.

Our city has long been known for its fine dining restaurants and its variety of activities, but travel rankings have rated it low in the areas of Rest and Relaxation because of the difficulties presented by traffic and crowds. That’s the critical gap we fill in at Commodore Cruises & Events. We provide the venue for the perfect staycation, in a setting where you don’t have to do anything except relax and enjoy. Great food is provided along with wonderful entertainment, in a comfortable environment, all accompanied by the backdrop of the breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay.

January and February Staycations Available

If you’ve been trying to think of January weekend getaway ideas to just take a short break from the tension of daily work routines, consider contacting us at Commodore to explore ideas for getting the kind of rest and relaxation that you really need. Instead of going on vacation and maintaining the same frantic pace in a different location, why not enjoy the tremendous benefits of some actual down time for yourself? Look through our scheduled public cruises here, or call us about how to arrange an unforgettable private cruise experience or a special event. Let us handle everything else for you. Make your personal time memorable with a Staycation Bay Cruise!