The festive season can be a variety of wonderful things, but for your office party planner, it can  prove to be a rather stressful time. It can be difficult to coordinate the holidays, employee time off, year end, your own personal holiday commitments, and still have enough time to squeeze in an office holiday party. This is why company managers are taking another look at the issue of planning their holiday event in December.

The following are some of the benefits of having your company holiday party in January

More options

It is obvious that your options for party venues during the holidays will be limited since almost everyone will be planning their event at the very same time as well. In January, this would be less of a problem. You can get prime time slots and locations that would be almost be impossible to secure in December.

People’s stress levels are lower

Everyone tends to be stressed out during the holidays. This is usually because there is never enough time to see the family, shop for gifts, and still finish all your pending tasks before you return to work the following year. Hosting a holiday party amidst all this chaos can prove to be another stress trigger, and no one wants that. Therefore, how about you try having it in January when there is no pressure and everyone can really enjoy themselves.

Higher attendance rate

Having your company holiday party in January when everyone is around can be a much better experience than having it when only a few people can attend.

Spices up January

There’s usually not a whole lot going on in January. But you can spice it up with a party. Right when you thought the holidays and celebration were over, boom you still have your corporate holiday event to attend.

Are you still scrambling to find a holiday event venue for your holiday party?

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