Yacht charters on San Francisco Bay are perfect for special events. If you are planning a landmark birthday, a tour of the Bay will not only impress your guests – it will also help you create a lifetime memory. Consider the following birthday ideas to create an unforgettable celebration. Add a unique touch to your yacht charter in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

Celebrate Your Milestone Birthday With a Bay Cruise

  1. Go Formal

Casual parties can be fun, but allow yourself and your guests to indulge a little! Celebrating special birthdays means treating yourself to world-class cuisine, partying aboard a gorgeous vessel, and dressing to the nines.

  1. Do Your Prom, Take Two

Whether you were prom royalty or never made it to the event, why not hold your own prom night as an adult? By hosting a party with this theme, you may give everyone involved a chance to relive an exciting time from younger days.

  1. Throw a Movie or Book-Themed Party

If you adore classic literature or live to watch old movies every weekend, incorporate that theme into your happy occasion. Ask your guests to dress up as characters from Casablanca, The Great Gatsby, or whatever your favorite book or movie might be.

  1. Dance the Night Away

Yacht venues are great places to let your hair down and dance to some upbeat music. A chartered yacht can offer an ample dance floor, so everyone who attends may dance as much as they wish.

  1. Do What You Love to Do

Are you an avid concertgoer or art lover? Ask the staff to help you bring a personal element to the day. A hired DJ might provide the songs of your favorite artists. Or we can arrange live music of any genre, from classical to hip-hop.

  1. Throw a Game Night

You may want to provide a variety of games for your guests. We can arrange tables and chairs to accommodate this. Or play charades. Or host a scavenger hunt aboard the yacht. When you’re finished playing, you can relax by taking in the amazing views.

Memorable Birthday Celebrations on San Francisco Bay

Birthday planning does not need to be a complicated process. Let the knowledgeable staff at Commodore Cruises & Events assist you in organizing your special birthday celebration. Call us at (877) 346-4000, or contact us online for more details. Spending your birthday aboard a luxury yacht is the best way to mark your landmark occasion!