Spring is the perfect time for a wedding, especially if your wedding is to be in San Francisco. Whether you are getting married in April, May, or June, the weather will likely be sublime. This area experiences many gorgeous, clear days in spring, with less fog than at other times of the year. If you are looking for one of the loveliest ways to celebrate this incredibly important event, consider a San Francisco Bay cruise. The following are just some of the reasons you will make the day magical when the wedding venue is Commodore Cruises & Events.

Why Having Your Spring Wedding on the San Francisco Bay is a Decision you Will Never Regret!

Staff Wedding Planner

Why hire an additional wedding planner when the venue provides one for you? You will have access to a wedding specialist who can help you to create an unforgettable wedding, and you can tailor the event to match your budget. Your wedding event planning should be as stress-free as possible, and our expert planner will help you to organize the occasion with ease.

A Captain to Officiate

Saying your wedding vows with a ship’s Captain officiating could be one of the most romantic options ever. Getting married on San Francisco Bay, with the captain in full uniform and the skyline behind you, will create cherished memories unmatched by any other wedding venue. 

Your Choice of Luxury Yachts

You can choose the yacht that best fits your budget, guest list, and style. Our fleet comprises six amazing yachts, and each of them offers features that will impress your guests. The wedding party and guests will dance the night away after the ceremony and a world-class dinner. You can also stroll along multiple decks and breathe in the lovely sea air.

The Setting

The most compelling benefit of your unique wedding event venue could be the setting itself. With a backdrop of San Francisco Bay, its bridges and islands, and the city skyline, the occasion is destined to be spectacular. The views are always breathtaking, and a clear day in spring is an ideal time to appreciate it all.

The Perfect Bay Area Wedding Venue

At Commodore Cruises & Events, we delight in helping our guests create special events that they will always fondly remember. If you wish to make your wedding day charming and memorable from a different point of view than any of your friends have had, a wedding cruise aboard one of our yachts is the answer. Call us today at (877) 346-4000, or feel free to contact us online.