Planning for a corporate event entails being organized, practical, and efficient regarding the bookings, deadlines, and so on. No doubt about that, since planning for a corporate holiday event definitely takes a lot of time and patience, especially if you’re planning to have it done in San Francisco, Bay Area. Fortunately, you don’t have to stress yourself at all, because by simply choosing the right venue for your company holiday party, you’ll be able to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s how you can find the perfect corporate holiday event venue:

1. Choose the Right Location

Choosing a location that’s lively and convenient would encourage people to attend your event, because they would be looking forward to it. Likewise, a venue near the office might be easy for people to get to once they leave work.

2. Consider a Unique Venue

Believe it or not, a luxury yacht can be a great venue for a holiday corporate event, since it’s one of those places that can house entertainment options needed for the event.

During an event, people would rather have an interactive experience instead of just sitting with other people, waiting for the meal to be served. A luxury yacht offers just that– most have gaming tables available, karaoke or DJs, dance floors, cocktail bars, catering, team building space, and much more.

3. As Much as Possible, It Should Be Done on a Weekday

For starters, be aware that venues have different rates, and it’s essential to stay within your budget when planning for a corporate event. Since most companies usually book on a weekend, booking on a weekday would give you the privilege of negotiating to a lower fee.

Furthermore, there are a lot of venues that have higher prices on Fridays and Saturday, or are already fully booked. So, if you already have a venue in mind, then we highly suggest that you book during a weekday, or be open to other venues that would fit within your allotted budget.

4. Don’t Forget the Space

The venue should be spacious enough for your guests, entertainment, and any activities you may want to have.

5. Do You Know Your Numbers?

Lastly, you shouldn’t only set the budget, but have the knowledge of maximum capacity your preferred venue can hold. This can give you the assurance that you won’t be facing any problems at all during the actual event.

Overall, choosing the perfect San Francisco Bay Area venue for your corporate holiday event doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

However, if you still don’t have a venue in mind, Commodore Cruises and Events is an event venue that you should consider. We have a fleet of luxury yachts that can hold almost any event you can think of not to mention you and your guests will be able to experience breathtaking 360 views of the San Francisco Bay.

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