Those of us who are fortunate enough to live or work near the San Francisco Bay generally understand the value of its beauty. As the holiday season approaches, local companies will be planning their holiday parties. If you are organizing a holiday party or a corporate event for your company, be sure to take advantage of your close proximity to the San Francisco Bay. By holding your special event on a luxury yacht, you will ensure that it is the hit of the season.

Why You Should Have Your Corporate Holiday Party on the San Francisco Bay

Views Worth Remembering

One of the top attractions of a cruise on the Bay is experiencing those dazzling views. The dramatic urban skyline, mountainous backdrop, and breathtaking hues of the water all combine to create the perfect setting for a memorable office holiday party. If you throw your corporate event at night, the twinkling lights of the cityscape will add a magical element of holiday sparkle to the evening. Whether your party is in the daytime or the nighttime, no one will be able to resist the classic bridge views.

Show Some Appreciation

Your team members work hard for you all year long, so use this opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation. Instead of confining everyone to a ho-hum office setting for a boring office holiday party, treat them to several hours aboard an elegant watercraft. In turn, they will appreciate that you provided such a lavish environment for your seasonal office celebration. This mutual recognition is an excellent foundation for increasing and sustaining the morale of your team.

Indulge and Have Fun!

A party on a yacht is more than an excursion on the Bay. Your guests can enjoy a fabulous buffet and cocktails, as well as a broad range of entertainment. Live music and dancing may also be on the agenda. Other options might include photo booths, casino tables, and team building activities.

Plan Your Office Holiday Party With Commodore Cruises & Events

Make your next corporate holiday event truly special by booking it on a yacht. The San Francisco Bay is a magnificent setting for any holiday party. The event managers at Commodore Cruises & Events will help you plan an unforgettable office holiday party this season. Call us today at (510) 337-9000, or feel free to contact us online.