An effective event planner is a master of timing and detail. She or he understands that organizing company events involves more than finding a convenient venue with decent food and décor. Providing a boring experience for attendees can create more issues than the event was designed to solve! Here are eight steps of the event planning process that most planners keep on their checklists.

Eight key elements of event planning

  1. Location Logistics

Whatever type of offsite meeting you have to host, location is critical. How will people travel to the venue? Is parking available? Often with a Commodore yacht charter, we meet clients partway, picking them up at one of the many small ports around the bay.

  1. Flexibility

When scheduling a meeting, having flexibility with regard to dates and times can open up more venue options. Gaining a bit more lead time from the meeting leaders also expands choices.

  1. Count Heads

You don’t want to find yourself with too few or too many guests for the venue size. Get clear on how many people will be in attendance, so you can book the right space for your event. Too few people in too big a space (or vice versa) can diminish the event’s energy and interactivity.

  1. Set a Great Tone

Does your meeting have a theme? The concept for your event should reflect the goals you are trying to accomplish. A great venue partner can accommodate just about any theme with enough lead time. At our recent vendor showcase, EvntWrks put six different themes on display to show the versatility of our meeting spaces. Plus, if you wish to set more serious or elegant tone for the event, a yacht charter is naturally a better choice than an afternoon of team-building volleyball at the local state beach.

  1. Lights and Effects

Work through your agenda up front with the venue’s event planner to ensure that you have proper lighting and audiovisual capacity to meet your vision of how the event should go.

  1. Special Amenities

Adapt your planned activities to make the most of the special attributes of the venue. Ours come with San Francisco Bay views. How could you use that to run your meeting “from a different point of view?” Combine the setting, amenities, and activities to create a memorable day for your staff.

  1. Food Considerations

All venues now cater to specific dietary concerns of meeting participants, with advance planning. It has become mandatory to survey the attendees ahead of time for their specific menu requirements so that everyone has a great dining experience.

  1. Professional Help

The right venue staff can make all the difference in the success of your occasion. If the coordinators are not helpful during your initial encounter, keep looking for better venues!

Increase Meeting ROI and Team Productivity with a San Francisco Bay Cruise

Company events should be a fun and rewarding experience. A yacht charter on San Francisco Bay satisfies all the elements of event planning, which is why Commodore Cruises & Events is a top venue for local corporate events. Whether you are planning a team-building outing or a more casual gathering to show your staff that you appreciate them, our yacht venues will serve you well. Contact us today to learn more about all that our yacht charters have to offer in helping you boost morale and increase productivity for your company.