Whether you are planning for a non-stop wedding party or a big and formal affair, there are a number of essential tips that will assist you in finding the right venue for a one-of-a-kind wedding reception.

Top 9 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

1. Prepare in advance

Once you set a wedding date be sure to start your wedding venue search early as the good places tend to book rather quickly.  If you already have somewhere in mind, call them and schedule a meeting to get the process started. Certain venues have time restrictions when it comes to how far in advance you can reserve.

2. Don’t forget about style

Any wedding reception venue you select should reflect you and your fiancé’s style and taste. In certain situations, your preferred location may have a few problems here and there. However, with just a few customizations and alterations, it can become the ideal spot. Be it contemporary or classic style, the choice will be up to you.

3. Look around

Still, for most couples, outdoor wedding receptions remain a viable choice. Depending on the location, the great outdoors can provide a beautiful backdrop, requiring minimal or no additions to the natural setting.

4. Size is important

In most cases, the guest list will play a huge role in determining the amount of space required for your memorable reception. This is because any venue you choose should be able to adequately hold all your guests and vendors. To make a better decision, you can ask potential venue managers about the capacity and dimensions of their premises and if any special amenities are offered.

5. Set the mood

You should know that simple things like lighting, ambiance, and the surrounding views can make the difference between setting a good or bad tone for your big day. As a result, make sure you visit your preferred reception venue in advance to see if it can add your desired touches.

6. Guest considerations

Even though it is your big day, it would be wise to think about your guests while walking through the planning process. Consider the parking situation, if you will need to offer valet service, handicap-accessible bathrooms, special dietary restrictions, etc.

7. Confirm your resources

Don’t assume that the venue will provide all the resources or amenities you need; confirm everything with the venue before making your selection.

8. Space with a view

A good reception venue should offer scenic views to you and your guests. It should be something breathtaking to make the whole occasion memorable.

9. Privacy

Depending on what kind of wedding you want, you should pick a venue that will either provide you with the privacy or publicity you need. However, for most, a private location is usually ideal.

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