Another year has passed and now it is time to organize a company holiday event.

You need to remove dust from last year’s decorations and book a venue. However, you want to do something different for the office team. The holiday party is indeed a great way to thank the team for great work. By organizing a party, you will be making the team feel appreciated and also have fun. Put away those mini trees and the banners and try any one these party ideas.

The Amazing Race Party

Inspired by the popular TV show, The Amazing Race party is both a team building exercise and party. You can arrange for a scavenger hunt to some of the locations within your area or around different areas of your event venue, if it’s large enough. You can also include some roadblock challenges where the participants will not be allowed to progress to the next stage unless they complete a specific challenge like consuming something nauseating, answering trivia, or a physical feat. At each stop, the teams could collect flags or take a photo of a particular scene. By doing this, you will be sure that they successfully went through the scene.

Ugly Sweater Party

You must know about those horrible Christmas sweaters, which either have a giant Santa, dangling ornaments, or light up bulbs on them. Well, it is high time for you to dig deep into your closet and bring out those ugly sweaters. Everyone who has been invited to the party is advised to bring a Christmas sweater with them to the party. Any individual who does not come to the party with an ugly Christmas sweater is going to be given one and several other embarrassing props. Then everyone can vote for who has the best (or the worst) ugly sweater and the winner gets some kind of fantastic prize.

Holiday Masquerade Ball

You can organize a masquerade ball! In the invitation letter, go ahead and give a brief history of the masquerade ball (started in 15th century Europe where pageants celebrated with elaborate dancing, games, and feasting) and also include some tutorials about mask making. For the decorations you can include some harlequin patterns, theater masks, feathers, deep reds, purples, greens, and golds. Just ensure that whatever is included is elegant and works well with the theme. Also, no masquerade ball would be complete without entertainment. You could have DJs, a band, fortune tellers, magicians, photo booths, and a mask/costume contest.

Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are looking for an unconventional Christmas party idea, then you can go for the Nightmare before Christmas party. If the visitors love this movie or are not willing to let go the Halloween spirit this could work for you. Themed cookies, costumes, face paint, decorations and a black Christmas tree will add a perfect touch to the party.

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