If you’re looking for a way to make your next group outing a surefire hit, charter a yacht to cruise San Francisco Bay. If you live in the area, you may already be aware that Commodore Cruises & Events offers the perfect yacht venue for corporate events, social group outings, and a broad variety of special events.

You can further maximize this amazing traveling event venue by having your yacht charter visit McCovey Cove during a San Francisco Giants game. Whether the members of your group are avid baseball fans or simply looking for fun, they will not be disappointed in an afternoon or evening floating in this famous cove.

How McCovey Cove Got its Name

The cove that locals refer to as “McCovey Cove” is actually called China Basin. The nickname is based on the surname of former first baseman Willie McCovey, who played 19 seasons with the Giants. Kids used to gather in the bleachers when “Stretch” McCovey was at the plate, hoping to catch a ball on the fly.

After Pacific Bell Park (now AT&T Park) was constructed, fans discovered that they could catch the game from the cove behind the right field wall. The name may also have been attributed to McCovey because he was one of the few players to hit a ball over the scoreboard and into a swimming pool when playing a game in Montreal.

Why the Cove Is Such a Hit on the Bay

Today, gathering in McCovey Cove at game time has become a beloved pastime for a lot of fans. Every year, numerous social groups and companies like to direct their yacht charters to sail by the park during games to enjoy some of the excitement. Also, a home run is occasionally hit out of the stadium and into the cove, which causes a mad dash of small boats and kayaks as onlookers attempt to retrieve the ball.

While Commodore yachts do not actively participate in the chase, Commodore passengers find the show in the cove quite exciting to watch!

Commodore has six yachts of varying sizes to meet the needs of any group of 20 or more. We provide an optimal setting for special events, weddings, school parties, and company outings. Call us at (877) 346-4000, or contact us online for more details. We will make sure that your next event is a home run!