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Angel Island is the biggest island in the San Francisco Bay. The views of the surrounding area from this island are spectacular. In addition to the amazing views, this state park has much to offer visitors. Some of the local features and activities include hiking and bike trails, fishing, interpretative exhibits, wildlife watching, and a variety of tours. One of the top ways to tour the area and view this historic island is by taking a private cruise.

Angel Island: A Timeline

Angel Island is rich with history. It has been an immigrant destination, a mid-way point for returning soldiers, and a state park.


In 1837, Angel Island served as a cattle ranch for Antonio Maria Osio.


In 1891, a quarantine station was established to isolate immigrants who were thought to carry diseases. The station was located at Ayala Cove, and it was referred to as Hospital Cove. The area was also used to fumigate ships from foreign locations.


From 1910 to 1940, the island was used to process thousands of immigrants via the Angel Island Immigration Station. The precise number of immigrants who entered the island during that time period is unknown, but estimates have ranged from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Most of the immigrants to be processed through the island at that time were from China.


During World War II, German POWs were detained on Angel Island. Additionally, the island was used as an internment site for Japanese nationals during the war. American soldiers who were returning from the Pacific also utilized the island as a jumping-off point.

1950s and 1960s

In the 1950s and 1960s, a Nike missile site could be found on the island. The missile site on the south side of Angel Island was deactivated in 1962. In 1954, several citizen groups worked to convince the California State Park Commission to use close to 40 acres of the island as a state park. In 1962, most of the island was transformed into a state park. The only part of the island that was not used as a state park was the Coast Guard station at Point Blunt, which has actively operated through the present day.

San Francisco Bay Yacht Cruises To Angel Island

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