Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Couples plan evenings of fine wine, boxed chocolates, elegant floral bouquets, soft music, and holding hands. While it seems like romance has always been the central theme of Valentine’s Day, it may interest you to know that this special day for lovers wasn’t always associated with activities such as a long walk under a starry sky, a romantic dinner cruise, or a surprise wedding proposal…

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

Historians are not certain which specific event led to the holiday we now refer to as Valentine’s Day. It’s possible that it originated with Lupercalia, an ancient Roman fertility festival. This event was characterized by much revelry and an inordinate consumption of wine. Once the Roman Empire began to abandon its Pagan roots, it is thought by some that the event was renamed after a saint called Valentine.

Another possibility is that a 3rd century Roman emperor, Claudius II, would not allow young adults to wed. This rule was enforced to ensure that the soldiers he needed to fill out his Roman Legions would be fully available and ready to perform their duties when called to serve. A priest, who was named Valentine, chose to ignore this command and marry the young adults in his congregation. As a result, the maximum penalty was given to this priest, making him a martyr and ultimately leading to his sainthood.

The Valentines of Today

In 2019, the most romantic of holidays is no longer associated with Roman emperors, priests, or Pagan festivals. Instead, it is a time for more modern rituals, such as exquisite meals for two, the exchange of lavish or sentimental gifts, highly ornamental greeting cards known as valentines, and promises of eternal love. (And engagements that lead to Autumn weddings!)

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