An anniversary of any sort (birthday, wedding, et al.) is always a cause for celebration, but some landmark anniversaries deserve special treatment. Maybe you’ve reached a number to be proud of, such as 30 years of wedded bliss, and want to find a memorable way to reaffirm your devotion to each other. Perhaps you want to acknowledge a big birthday for yourself or a family member. To make the day truly special, consider the following options.

Making Milestone Birthdays and Anniversaries Special

Do Something New

Have you wanted to do something for yourself, or as a couple, that you haven’t had time to try? Make time to do it now as a gift to each other! Go skydiving, take a sushi preparation class, or (our favorite) enjoy a bay cruise with the city lights in the distance. By trying something new together, you can mark the milestone with a sense of adventure.

Recreate or Reinvent a Past Event

You could take this opportunity to celebrate by recreating your first date, your wedding, or virtually any occasion that was memorable for you. Gather those who celebrated those earlier events with you to celebrate all over again.

Another option is to reinvent a significant event the way you didn’t have a chance to do previously, because you had just bought a house, or were busy raising kids. You might wish to host that tenth anniversary all over again with a bigger guest list, a live band, and world-class cuisine. Now is your chance to have a “do-over” and celebrate such a special event properly.

Stop and Smell the Roses (or See the Sunset)

Remember that no matter what you do for your wedding anniversary celebration, include some quiet time together. If you have a big party, sneak outside for a few minutes to watch the sunset over San Francisco. When you return home, draw a bubble bath and sip champagne. More than anything else, this day should be about the two of you.

Surprise your Special Someone with a Bay Cruise

It’s always fun to be pleasantly surprised. Book a special event at a time you know will be convenient, and surprise your loved one with a bay cruise to the Golden Gate, a trip to the beach, the mountains, or another romantic setting. Schedule a couples massage or an entire spa day. Take a tour of a local winery or art museum. Anything that will surprise your sweetheart could lead to a memorable special event that you will both remember for years.

The world is full of possibilities for celebrating your milestone anniversaries. A special day should be organized with some forethought and care. Commodore Cruises & Events has much to offer for anniversaries, birthdays, and other momentous events. Contact us to discover how to make your special anniversary an occasion to remember.