Offsite meetings are valuable for multiple reasons, including the fact that they help your staff hit a collective reset button while away from workplace distractions. A team outing aboard a San Francisco Bay yacht charter typically makes your executives and other employees feel valued, relaxed, and inspired as they collaborate on their agenda or team building activities during their cruise.
Even if team-building is not the primary agenda item, providing some team building activities for your guests as ice-breakers or afternoon breaks help to create a sense of community and cooperation among your employees. The following are just a few of the options you might choose for upcoming company events.

Five Engaging Ideas for Team Building Activities

When considering team building activities that work in any meeting venue space, here are some that we have seen work well.

The “What’s My Name” Game
This game is fun, and it may help to build a sense of cohesiveness between the individuals on your work team. Divide your guests into a few groups. Everyone draws a name from a hat (the names might be of celebrities or historical figures.) The names are then taped to each person’s back, and others treat each person as though he or she is the person named on his or her back. Participants must ultimately attempt to guess the names they have drawn, usually by asking yes/no questions. The group with the most names guessed in the allotted time wins.
Team Karaoke
We have seen this work on a number of our corporate yacht charters. Include karaoke equipment in the entertainment set up to foster employee engagement. In addition to enjoying the chance to share unheard talents, you can also form teams. Requiring group performances will encourage your employees to work together in a unique way without forcing any one employee to sing a solo!
Trivia Challenge
Another fun and stimulating way to engage your workers is to play a team trivia game. You can use a standard trivia board game, or you can devise the questions yourself. By writing questions about your company or industry, you may expand your staff’s knowledge base while promoting a sense of team spirit.
Team-Based Volunteer Activity
A great way to make team building yacht meetings even stronger is to get the team involved in helping their community. You could bring different materials for your employees to assemble, in order to make units such as food boxes or toiletries kits for those in need. The team that assembles the most units should also be acknowledged.

Event Planning with Commodore Cruises & Events

If you want to yield a respectable meeting return-on-investment (ROI) when planning corporate events, choosing the right Bay Area event venue and resources is crucial. Commodore’s event planners are experienced in creating great team building events that work well within our yacht meeting spaces. Call us today at 877) 346-4000, or contact us online to explore offsite business meetings on San Francisco Bay.