If you are organizing the office holiday party this year, you probably have a few top priorities in mind. You may want to make the most out of the budget you have, but you probably also want to ensure that the event is successful. By doing a little strategic planning now, you can provide a cost-effective party without ever making your guests feel as though you compromised on quality.

Follow this checklist for a successful corporate holiday event

  1. Getting Started

First, you need to determine the basics of your party. Select a time, date, and location/venue, and figure out approximately how many people will be there. Then, choose a theme for the party, as well as the style of décor that will reflect your choice. Think about what kind of foods and beverages would match your theme. Another important element will be the agenda for your special occasion.

  1. Select a Committee

You probably don’t want to organize your upcoming event alone, so choose some people to be on your planning committee. The size of your committee will depend on the size of your company, as well as which staff members would be a good fit for this project. In fact, a smaller group of suitable individuals might do a more efficient job than a larger group.

  1. On-site Event

If your party will be held at the office, you will need to plan it for a time when you don’t have any other major events to consider. However, holding it during the lunch hour is a way to ensure that everyone will be able to attend.

  1. Off-site Party

Having your party at an outside venue can be exciting, and you could benefit from collaborating with the venue’s organizers. You may want to hold your event on an “off” day, such as Tuesday or Thursday. You will be more likely to secure a venue, and your guests will be less likely to be already committed to other plans.

  1. After the Holiday Rush

In the same way that throwing your bash on a weeknight can be beneficial, doing it after the holidays can also be fun. Your guests won’t be feeling the pressure of all their other holiday obligations, and some vendors may have better deals in January or February.

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