Corporate event planners and administrators are already organizing their 2019 company holiday party events. They are exploring Bay Area event venues for fun and exciting options that will ‘wow’ the employees and create a memorable event that meets the event goal of raising employee engagement.

A Corporate holiday Event Planning Checklist

If you are in charge of organizing the office holiday party this year, you have a few key goals. You want to make the most of your available budget, but still deliver a fun event that isn’t “just like last year’s.” With the right amount of homework and chatting with venues, you can definitely put on a cost-effective party that does not stint on quality.

Follow this checklist for a successful corporate holiday event

  1. Getting Started

First, what are your key goals and logistical parameters? Select a time and date to help you talk in detail with venues. Also figure out approximately how many people will attend based on past holiday parties and current staffing levels. You may wish to settle on a party theme, too. This will guide your discussions with venues about room set up and décor options. And very important: What kind of foods and beverages would you like to provide? We have a lot of menu options that give you flexibility.

Another important element will be the agenda for your special occasion.

  1. Select a Committee

Never organize your upcoming event without plenty of input. (As we do yacht charters on San Francisco Bay we would say “never swim alone.”) Choose some people and create a planning committee. It should include people from all departments, but keep it small to avoid becoming inefficient and slow-moving. On the flip side, staff involvement raises employee engagement by giving more people ownership of the event.

  1. Off-Site Party on “Off” Day

Having your party at an outside venue adds excitement. But, to encourage attendance you may want to check the holiday calendar and choose a day that looks less likely to compete with family or other obligations. You may want to choose an “off” day, such as Tuesday, or Wednesday. You will more likely secure a venue that you really like, and your guests will be less likely to have conflicting commitments. This is especially true in 2019, with fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  1. Celebrate After the Holiday Rush

To really raise attendance, consider throwing your annual celebration on a weeknight or weekend after the holidays. You would beat the rush in reverse! Your guests won’t be feeling the pressure of all their other holiday obligations, and might really appreciate a bit of Holiday cheer in January.

Commodore Cruises & Events can provide a fabulous corporate holiday event venue that still fits most company budgets.

Whether you arrange to have your corporate holiday event in December or January, you can make your guests feel special by inviting them to a truly unique San Francisco Bay Area event venue. Planning your holiday corporate event on a luxury yacht on San Francisco Bay is one way to ensure a memorable day! The experienced team at Commodore Cruises & Events is always delighted to assist. Call us at (510) 337-9000, or fill out our online form for more information.