When it comes to wedding planning, one of the first steps should be to select your wedding colors. Some factors that determine the particular weddings style and theme include the season and the wedding venue. For instance, during winter, you’ll see more purple, lilac, and winter berry colors. In summer, you may see more yellow, emerald, and orange. Color is important and spring is a wonderful time of year to experiment with colors freely.

Here’re four gorgeous color combination ideas to consider when planning your spring wedding:

Rose Quartz accompanied with Peach Echo

As any expert wedding planner would tell you, Rose Quartz is known for its aura of composure, and when paired with peach, it can be quite rejuvenating. This magnificent combination provides couples and guests with an opportunity to explore the beauty and essence of spring by adorning wedding and spring dresses. Adding complimentary accents like lilac gray, white, and other pastel shades can also incense that warm feeling of springtime.

Serenity Pale Blue and White

Serenity is considered a blissful spring color. Using it as your preferred wedding theme can provide the perfect setting of elegance, only to be surpassed by pairing it up with even lighter shades. In most cases, ivory white would also be recommended as a counterpart by esteemed wedding planners in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sun-Drenched Yellow and Green-Flash

This is one of the most-vibrant spring wedding styles. Being comprised of a delightful combination of rejuvenating hues suited for outdoor spring weddings, it creates the ideal, picture-perfect look. The bride can opt for a non-traditional yellow gown, while the groom matches it up with a yellow bow tie. The pairing of these colors provides a rather stunning appearance, especially with the inclusion of grey and white accents. This style will surely resonate in all of your wedding accessories such as the centerpieces, pottery, candles, and of course flowers.

Violet and Teal Blue

This is a rather exotic theme combination for spring weddings, particularly for a peacock-themed event. However, a bridal gown engulfed with these ravishing colors can appear vibrant. Such colors can also be used for bridal party dresses and overall decorations to provide all those in attendance with a sense of royalty.

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