A holiday party can be an excellent occasion for making your team stronger as a whole. You can organize such an event so that your employees are encouraged to work together while still having fun. By arranging to play a few games designed to promote positive employee interaction, you can ensure that your holiday party is a success for everyone.

The first step is to get out of the office. Take your party away from the usual daily environment, so staff members may gain a new perspective about each other and themselves. Then, provide these four team building games to spark creativity and foster group participation.

4 Games That are Great for Holiday Team Building

Holiday Movie Trivia

Compile a list of questions about seasonal classics and recent holiday film favorites. Then, divide the group into teams. Every correct answer earns a point, and the team with the most points wins.

Name that Holiday Song

Seasonal songs are always a hit during the height of the season. Divide your employees into teams. Then, provide each team leader with a list of popular holiday songs and their corresponding lyrics. The leader sings various lyrics, and the rest of the team must try to guess which song is being sung. Each team receives five points for every correct answer. You can decide when to stop, such as when the first team wins by reaching 25 points.

Ornaments on Spoons

First, divide the group into teams. Each team is given a spoon that holds an ornament, and you provide them with a relay course. At the end of the course, each person holding a spoon passes it to the next team member. However, people must not use their hands when passing ornaments. Every time a person drops an ornament, that individual must begin the course again. The first team to successfully complete the relay course wins.

Funniest Holiday Gifts

Divide the room into teams. Everyone is given a piece of paper, and they write down the funniest holiday gift they ever received. The catch is that people can make up gifts if they choose. Once a person describes his or her gift, everyone else on the team writes down whether or not they believe it to be true. The team with the most correct answers wins.

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