Team building activities play an important role in building your company’s overall morale. And, by engaging your workers in offsite meetings, you can help your workforce to become a stronger unit. If one of your primary objectives for corporate events is to bring your work community together, you will need a venue that delivers a meaningful experience.
Yacht charters on San Francisco Bay certainly deliver that meaningful experience, as long as you choose team-building activities that fit on a yacht. One option that fits easily is the team building classic, the Human Knot game. Read on to explore how this game is played, as well as how the activity might benefit your team as a whole.

Why Use the Human Knot Game in Team Building?

This activity offers a variety of benefits. It promotes efficient communication. By relying on each other to reach a common goal, your workers will become stronger as a team. The Human Knot game requires participants to hone their problem-solving skills. It also serves as an effective icebreaker. The more comfortable that your staff members are with each other, the more they may begin to build a solid foundation of mutual trust.

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Human Knot Game: The Basics

This activity works best when played with at least 7-10 people, and can work with a group as large as 200. The game can be played either outdoors or indoors. (Our yachts offer both indoor and outdoor spaces.)

Setting up the Activity

To play this game, you will need to break up the group into smaller units. If enough people are in attendance, you can form groups of 10. Everyone in each unit should stand next to one another in a line, shoulder to shoulder, then form a circle. Each person must reach across the circle and take the hand of two others. People may not take the hands of the individuals standing directly next to them.

Playing the Game

After each participant has taken the hand of two other participants, a large, human knot will have been created. Next, each team must determine how to untangle their arms without letting go of each other’s hands. Team members will need to communicate with each other to become untangled. By bending and twisting as needed, the first unit to become untangled wins.
You will need monitors to track progress and confirm the winner.

Team-Building on San Francisco Bay Builds Employee Engagement

Team building activities provide a fun way to unite and inspire your staff. The ROI is compounded when you hold them at offsite venues, which add an even more exciting element to your corporate events.

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