Are you planning a wedding in the near future? 

If you are, then you are obviously going to need a venue. However, it is not enough to get just any venue, but rather, getting the right venue. Getting married at the wrong place can be a nightmare. So, what should you do to ensure that you get the right venue? Here are 25 questions to ask your prospective wedding venue such to guarantee that you reserve the perfect space for your special day.

  1. Is my wedding date available?
  2. How many people can be accommodated?
  3. What does the package include?
  4. How much is the deposit required to book and is it refundable?
  5. Can I hold my rehearsal dinner at your venue?
  6. Is the ceremony site close to the reception area?
  7. Is there a bridal room on premise?
  8. Do you have handicap access?
  9. What’s the weather backup plan for outdoor spaces?
  10. Can I extend the booked hours?
  11. Is there an overtime fee?
  12. Do you offer a caterer or do I have to provide my own?
  13. Are tables, chairs, kitchenware, plates, glass and silverware all provided?
  14. What is the price per person including the tax and service charge?
  15. Are there additional costs for a food/beverage tasting prior to my wedding day?
  16. Can I bring my own wedding cake?
  17. Can I bring my own beer, wine, or champagne?
  18. Is the venue licensed to serve alcohol?
  19. Do you have plenty/free parking?
  20. How many restrooms are available?
  21. Do you offer on-site coordination?
  22. Is there a safe place for gifts?
  23. Does the wedding venue have liability insurance?
  24. Does the wedding venue provide ample lighting for the photo shoot?
  25. Can I bring my own vendors?

Getting answers to these questions in advance will help reduce risk of complications during your big day.

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