Team bonding serves as a means to bring people together through the fostering of collaboration and teamwork. The fact that such activities are fun allows the participants to see each other in a different light and interact in a new setting.

Why having your team bonding event on the water can make your employees more creative and calm

Even in early times, peoples from all walks of life associated healing and various supernatural properties with water. In Roman times, baths were an integral part of the society’s culture. They served as places where citizens could find relaxation and associate with their fellow citizens in a serene environment. In traditional Chinese and Indian medicinal practices, water was crucial for settling the body and promoting overall harmony. Lakes and rivers have also been long viewed as sacred or spiritual places. Various societies also associate it with spiritual cleansing, rebirth and salvation.

Whenever we are close to a large water body, we tend to get a cognitive break because there is simply less information coming our way. Our brains do not shut down.  Instead, they keep working, but in a different manner. When a person is near a big body of blue water, it can induce a meditative state, calm the soul, and their brain will then processes things at a higher level.

In our busy day-to-day lives, we rarely allow our minds to rest and wander freely, but whenever we do, it switches into another mode of engagement, which is commonly referred to as the default mode network. This usually entails imagination, daydreaming, consolidation of memories, insight, self-referential thought, and introspection. All these aspects are essential for creativity. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why when we get into the shower we tend to think clearly and come up with insight and ideas. The shower can serve as a proxy for the Pacific Ocean.

Putting yourself in a mindful state whereby your brain is relaxed but focused is beneficial to both the mind and body in a variety of ways. A mounting body of research has discovered a wide range of benefits that come with mindfulness, some of which include lower stress levels, improved focus and mental clarity, relief from depression, pain and anxiety, and better sleep patterns.

Why your team building event on a yacht can boost productivity

Being on water clearly has its advantages, and that is why you should let Commodore Cruises & Events plan your next team bonding retreat.

A yacht charter event on San Francisco Bay can give your employees that extra edge and push them to limits they never thought possible. Such a cruise would also be something that all of them would never forget.

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