Follow This Timeline to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

From looking for venues to arranging after the ceremony celebrations like a Bay Area wedding cruise, wedding planning involves many stages. This is the first of two articles looking at that process. In this post, you’ll learn the steps of wedding planning that take place from a year or more before the wedding to six months out. The second post covers the rest of the timeline to your special day.

Time until Wedding: A Year or More

Some planning needs to take place starting at least 12 months before the wedding, according to the blog of The 228 (a notable wedding venue). For instance, determining an overall budget at this stage is important, as is securing a venue. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the venue. That means keeping in mind unique options like a boat cruise in San Francisco for you and your friends and family.

Additionally, to have a good idea of what you’re looking for venue-wise, you’ll need a guest list. The date and time need to be set here, as well. Handles these early so that you can secure the perfect venue, especially if you’re looking at high-demand wedding venues in San Francisco.

Other details to take care of at this stage are securing a wedding planner (if desired) and officiant as well as the selection of the wedding party. You may want to purchase wedding insurance. Also important is a decision on the wedding’s look and feel, which will be tied in with the venue. If you need inspiration for the style of your wedding, recommends looking at sources like Instagram, Pinterest, and bridal magazines and websites.

Time until Wedding: 8–10 Months

Eight to 10 months out, you’ll want to set up a gift registry, order your wedding outfit, and send save-the-dates. (The save-the-dates can wait until the next phase if you want to include images from your engagement photoshoot.) If you and your partner desire an engagement party, they typically occur at this stage. Other helpful steps to take at this time include reserving hotel room blocks, setting up a wedding website, and booking professionals such as caterers, DJs or musicians, photographers, and videographers. Also get in touch with a florist at this point.

Some of these details might be handled by the venue. For example, certain Bay Area wedding cruise packages come with perks like a photographer.

Time until Wedding: 6–8 Months

Six to eight months before the wedding, it’s time to arrange your engagement photoshoot (if you have one) and decide on the wedding party’s attire. The wedding stationery, cake, and suite should also be set up at this time. Now is the window to plan the timeline of the wedding day itself, leaving some buffer room for if details change. Transportation and rentals should also be arranged at this stage, as should the honeymoon.

Are You Exploring Wedding Venues in San Francisco?

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