With folks at home sheltering during the COVID-19 crisis, people have time on their hands for more planning and researching. This includes the wedding planning going on now for Autumn weddings. One of the first steps wedding planners take couples through is color schemes. Color choices drive decisions about décor, dresses, suits and floral arrangements.

Five color combination ideas to consider when planning your fall wedding

Autumn actually offers a wealth of color combinations. Soft hues like lilac, dove gray and violet may suit you. Or the browns, oranges and yellows of turning leaves. These earthy hues and rich jewel tones like purple, green and red can combine soft tones with vibrant highlights that can inject energy into the setting. Here are just a few wedding color combinations couples with Autumn weddings in the San Francisco area could consider.

Violets and Lilacs

Florals are a key source of color for weddings. What blooms are most available in September, October or November? Fill arrangements with lilac, roses and dahlias. You can also balance the softer flower hues with with bolder elements like gold linens and gilt-edged ceramics.
Or flip that script using sheer table linens for an ethereal feel, with deeper-hued floral arrangements to complement them. Then your baker reflects these combinations in the crafting of the cake.

Reds, Oranges and Yellows

An alternative is selecting bright hues like red and yellow to strike a bold wedding color palette that can be seasonal and cheerful. Planners we spoke to recommend the yellows in great abundance, with orange the complement (especially with flowers) and red the accent.
If your fall wedding is in September, the yellow and red can combine the summer and fall season. This is especially so in the Bay Area, where September can be our warmest month! Red hues can also shade towards pink for early September weddings.

Silver, Gray, Navy and Cranberry

A pair of soft hues paired with one stronger hue also can work quite well. Frosty silvers, grays and blues can be sharpened with a darker jewel tone like boysenberry, or a bright red like cranberry, which is a fall crop! And think about how stunning your wedding party will look in silver and gray hues with cranberry red accents.

The Brown Hues of Autumn

Brown, orange and dark green lend a seasonal and rustic aura to a wedding. And bright accents using gold always work. This is also where you consider the venue. How flexible is the space to accommodate or complement your color preferences? The menu can also weave in Autumnal color patterns. Fall is the season for in the San Francisco area to celebrate grape harvest with wine tastings to divert guests.

Primary Colors for More Casual Affairs

For a casual outdoor fete you can also dispense with thoughts of Autumn and choose primary colors like yellow and blue. Play with accents like colored glass and bright table runners, and once again you can add metallic gold accents.

Celebrate Autumn with a San Francisco Yacht Charter Wedding

Party boats are some of the most flexible and exciting wedding venues available. At Commodore we can accommodate just about any color scheme and décor choices. And our floral vendors are experts at the Autumnal blooms of the Bay Area. Commodore Cruises & Events is a private event and luxury yacht company that can cater to all of your desires to make your special day one you will remember forever.
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