Wedding planning can seem daunting. But you can have a lot of fun with it with the right mindset and the right kind of help. One energizing approach is to infuse the event with a clear style of your own. From the type of entertainment, to the dining and catering options, to the flowers, and perhaps most importantly, the wedding venue, make every element uniquely yours. 

Get Creative With Your Autumn Bay Area Wedding

That personal stamp and style from the two of you will create a truly memorable day for yourselves and your guests.

Color Palette

The colors that you choose as your theme set the tone for the rest of your preparations. From bridesmaid and groom attire to room décor and table settings, choosing a foundational color theme may make decisions on all the other wedding elements easier.

For Fall weddings, your color palette expands dramatically from spring and summer hues. Whether you want a more natural theme or hues that pop, Autumn has plenty of color combinations. A neutral yet earthy palette is perfect for accenting an outdoor wedding that is more connected to nature and unplugged from the outside world. Or jazz your wedding scene up with the brighter hues of autumn leaves and Halloween. If you need a place to start, try this fun color palette generator


Fall in the Bay Area brings our warmest weather, but the sun sets around 7 pm and our evenings are always cooler. So plan your attire to allow for layers. Grooms can always doff or don their tuxedo jackets, but adding a shawl to the bridesmaids’ ensemble may be appreciated. And how formal would you like the event to be? One writer we found suggested personalized sneakers in place of traditional footwear. Would that work for you? If quirky casual doesn’t work for you, formal wear also comes in hundreds of hues. And remember, your wedding photographer is going to capture what you wear for eternity!


There is so much variety in musical tastes today that an eclectic program often works well. We have hosted wedding on our yacht charters that have had a string quartet for the ceremony and then playing on one deck during the reception, and a DJ or dance band playing one deck up. 

Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is the space in which you will celebrate this most important day with your family and friends. Opt for a venue that will really make a lasting impact on your guests while providing plenty of room for them to mingle, eat, dance and sing. In the San Francisco Bay Area, what better venue could there be than a wedding on the water? No other choice of venue offers famous bridges, islands and skylines as the backdrop for your perfect day. A truly special experience!

Personal Pictures, Videos, Stories and Social Posts

You want to capture every moment of your special event with photos and video. Take the time to choose a photographer/videographer who understands your vision, and has experience working in the venue you choose. You will also want to give your guests your social media links so that they may share their photos and videos. Have a photo booth setup that can offer hours of entertainment for everyone.

Bay Area Wedding Cruises

Your wedding should be as unique as you are. Commodore Cruises & Events can help you put your own special stamp on your very special day. If you’d like more information about having your Bay Area wedding on a yacht, contact us online or call (510) 337-9000.