The first part of 2020 has proven challenging for businesses across the globe. But, although the COVID-19 crisis will be with us at some level for a while, many companies are planning ahead for more positive and productive times. How about you and your team? Once everyone has returned to work, you will need to find ways to get your work team reengaged and reignited.

If you’re working on how to relaunch a team post-COVID, keep in mind that offsite meetings and other company events can energize your workers in a powerful way. There may never be a better time to arrange engaging, team-building activities for your employees.

Planning Your Post-COVID Team-Building Agenda

Your company will have unique issues to overcome this fall and winter as everyone gathers back in your workspaces, so you should have these special challenges in mind as you organize your kick-starting company outing.

  • Revisit some of the objectives that were put on hold at the height of the recent pandemic.
  • Take some time to consider your strategic goals for the fall event.
  • Does your team need to rebuild trust with one another? If so, you might want to provide activities that promote good communication.
  • Do your staff members seem directionless or unmotivated when they returned to work? If this is the case, then it may work to discuss past successes and how to build on them during your re-ignition offsite meeting.

Why Taking Your Relaunch Offsite Matters

It is imperative that the outcome of your autumn 2020 meeting or workshop must be a fully re-engaged and energized staff. Due to no error on your part, your personnel may still have a collective sense of anxiety. This is a critical time to help them transform their fears into optimism and a sense of renewal. By holding a company workshop away from the workplace, you can help your staff to leave their worries there for a day. Offsite meetings enable people to gain a different perspective.

Make It a Meeting to Remember with Yacht Charters!

You may be tempted to cut corners during your event planning this year. However, this is actually a great time to extend some generosity toward your team. It may seem counter-intuitive to run an offsite meeting just as everyone returns to the office. But by treating your staff well right now, you could yield a significant meeting return-on-investment (ROI) over the next several months.

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