Team-building activities are going to be critical events as the Bay Area business community starts to get back to work once the COVID-19 emergency passes. Organized group activities can help your staff to rebuild morale, reignite productivity, and re-establish solid, enduring connections. In effect, it will be time to repeat that January kickstart to get everyone back in the pool and swimming together! Pro tip: When you stage your team building in a memorable setting, your efforts will more likely yield an optimal meeting return-on-investment (ROI).

Kick Start Your Business Post-Crisis With Team Building Events

Any of the following five exercises might be used to bring your team closer together. As you organize the details of your upcoming offsite meetings, consider which of the ideas below may work best for your team members.

1. Sneak a Peek Memory Game

This game requires group participation, making it a perfect choice for teams who need to improve workplace collaboration skills. Each team uses basic children’s building blocks. One person from each team uses the blocks to build a structure within a set amount of time (such as 30 seconds). Then, another member sneaks a peek at the structure and must describe it so that the other members can try to replicate it or guess what it is.

2. Hold a Board Game Tournament

Using one or more board games, you can organize a fun and engaging tournament for your personnel. This is a great option for larger groups. In order to make time for the other items on your event agenda, such as dining and entertainment, you should provide games that don’t require hours to complete.

3. Offsite Improv Workshop

Doing improvisational activities can be an entertaining icebreaker. This type of interactive exercise affords a wide variety of options, so you are free to find the kinds that may complement your company culture. You may do physical improv, such as tossing an invisible object from person to person, or verbal improvisation, such as debating a topic from different perspectives.

4. Employee Karaoke Night

Hosting a karaoke outing is an ideal way to ensure camaraderie at one of your next corporate events. You can make it a team-building occasion by dividing your attendees into groups, and then by turning the singing into a contest for the best group effort. This type of activity is generally best suited to a crew with outgoing personalities, such as a sales team.

5. Tourist for a Day

San Francisco is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world, but locals then to overlook the amazing local sights and venues while dealing with the daily grind. Why not treat your staff to a day of being “tourists?” After a few hours of sightseeing, during a yacht charter or city tour, you can meet for dinner, which would be as easy as descending one level aboard our yachts. Each team can share their impressions and enjoy relaxed “re-acquaintance conversations.” 

Explore Team-Building Options with Commodore!

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