Whether you are working to build or retain a strong team for your company, team building activities are a wise investment. Research continually confirms that such projects offer measurable ROI. They reinforce company loyalty, provide creative inspiration, build stronger working relationships and generate positive engagement within your team.

When you are running team activities or executive meetings, it helps considerably to hold these events away from the workplace. Your personnel will likely find the change refreshing and appreciate the shared experience. One of the best venues for corporate events in the Bay Area is a yacht on San Francisco Bay – the ultimate refreshing experience. The following are a few of the top ways that a bay cruise might help you to meet your objectives.

Benefits of a Bay Area Cruise for Team Building


Fewer Distractions

If the primary goal is to focus on a certain project or to build camaraderie through team building activities, getting away from the office is vital. You can create a sense of commitment to the task at hand because your employees will be less apt to be drawn away by “pressing matters,” or allow their minds to wander to other work projects that may be due. When you are all out together on a stately Commodore yacht, everyone will be better able to direct their attention to your current agenda.

Better Creative Flow

To truly get the creativity flowing, remove yourself and your team from your everyday setting. Your team members will probably personally benefit from a change of scenery, as well. Surround them with all of the amenities that a Commodore yacht has to offer, from exquisite cuisine to a beautiful backdrop. You will have six yachts from which to choose to fit the space to the size of your group.

Expert Event Planning

A Commodore event planner can provide expert assistance, so you will be free to plan your agenda without the added pressure of making all the arrangements. We will ensure that your event or meeting is tailored to your unique needs.

Increase Productivity with a San Francisco Boat Cruise


Don’t confine your staff to the workplace – treat them to a memorable day aboard a yacht on the San Francisco Bay. Our private event venue is one of the finest in the area, and we can help you plan your next meeting for optimal results. If you hope to build morale, inspire creative ideas, and increase productivity levels, you won’t find a better backdrop than the San Francisco Bay! Call us at (877) 346-4000, or you may also reach us via our online contact form.