Team-building sessions measurably improve cohesion, engagement and productivity. They are a powerful way to get your staff re-energized and focused on the right goals. Team building offsites often occur during the summer months when schedules are less packed, although you do have to work around summer vacations.

Holding these motivational sessions offsite is critical. Our experience with the companies taking team-buildings out on San Francisco Bay on a yacht charter confirms this. When you meet with your employees outside of the workplace, you get more undivided attention, you can set a tone that lowers the stress and a fun venue provides more fun for your team overall.

Improve Offsite Meeting ROI With a Yacht Charter

To improve your meeting return-on-investment (ROI), use the following tips as you organize your meeting planning and company event schedule for summer:

Include Your Team in the Planning

Start the entire process with an inclusive dynamic by allowing your staff to be involved in the planning. You might offer your personnel a few venue options. Make sure the choices are conducive to a successful team-building outing, such as a chartered yacht with the amenities that meet your needs. You could also include your employees in selecting the goals and the structure for the event itself.

Analyze Past Successes

Take a look at some of the past corporate events that have proven successful for your business. What elements worked particularly well? Which areas could have been improved? This is also another opportunity to get feedback from staff members.  

Focus on Fun

One of your top goals for this day should be about inspiration and engagement. Your employees should return to work feeling more confident about working with other team members. By offering an agenda that is fun and memorable, you can help your executives and employees form crucial bonds with one another. Such activities might include creating an idea board, acting out role-playing scenarios, or solving puzzles. You can also make company business part of the day, such as by having a group brainstorming period, when everyone gives input on ways to improve as a team in the workplace.

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If you want your corporate events to have a meaningful impact on your workforce, you must ensure that they produce lasting memories. Your team will certainly remember a chartered cruise on San Francisco Bay. Commodore Cruises & Events is one of the premier yacht venues in the Bay Area. We provide an array of amenities to satisfy all of your meeting planning needs, from exquisite cuisine, to world-class customer service, to a luxurious setting that will make your guests feel pampered. Additionally, the views from our yachts are some of the most beautiful in the world!

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