When planning for corporate team-building meetings, you must be careful about how you structure the event. When done without a lot of thought or with the wrong objectives in mind, such activities can be off-putting to employees, wasting company time and money. However, if you organize your team building events the right way, they will have a positive, lasting impact on staff productivity.

How to Do Team Building the Right Way?

Take just three basic steps to plan company events that are meaningful for all involved.

1. Select the Best Venue for Your Agenda

One of the first steps you should take is finding a memorable venue. Instead of holding your meetings and conferences in the workplace, treat your personnel to some quality time away from work. Your team will appreciate the change of scenery. Fortunately, the Bay Area offers a variety of unique, charming places to have offsite meetings, such as a day of staging team challenges on Angel Island combined with a chartered cruise around San Francisco Bay.

2. Choose Engaging Team Building Activities

One pitfall to avoid is providing activities that feel forced and mundane to your employees. Team building events sometimes have a negative reputation, and this may generally be attributed to negative past experiences. Take a look at your unique company culture, and use that to inform your decisions. If your team is a lively bunch, playing a quiet word game might be too boring for them. Research group activities that are challenging enough to keep your crew engaged and interested.

3. Create a Sense of Teamwork and Fun

In addition to offering the right kind of agenda, make sure that your chosen activities require teamwork. We have had multiple clients break up their group and craft competitions, using the open spaces on our yachts. Try to pair individuals who might not work in the same departments, or put those who typically work on their own in small groups during your team building meetings. Another way to foster a renewed sense of team bonding is to keep your events lighthearted and fun. People don’t want to attend meetings that are dull and that feel like work. By holding some of your company meetings in places that capture their imagination, you can help your workers to regenerate their sense of creativity as a team. An evening of dancing, fine dining, and viewing the local scenery can be accompanied by games that enable your staff members to learn more about each other (and themselves).
Organizing corporate team building activities is a vital strategy that can help set the tone for your workers. The positivity they get from fun, creative offsite meetings can easily be incorporated in the daily routines of your employees.

Team Building on a San Francisco Bay Yacht Cruise Has High ROI

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