There was quite a buzz around Commodore Events fleet of luxury yachts at their home port in Alameda last Wednesday night. Their fleet of yachts had been taken over by Commodore’s elite vendor partners to show off their wares and present new event ideas.

And the world came to see them! Hundreds of people paid no attention to the rainy forecast and came to sample the food, interact with the vendors, and get ideas for staging spectacular events. Not only were the guests feted with all types of live entertainment and visual décor and design ideas set up in each yacht by our EVNTWRKS partner, but the weather cleared and rewarded everyone with a spectacular sunset and twilight!

Guests touring the ships ran into pirates, a mermaid combing her hair with a fork, acrobats doing handstands, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, a samba dancer, and a phenomenal young juggler, among a number of other acts and activities.

The samba band Oye Samba! was just one of six music groups entertaining our visitors. The wind quartet Choro Time and the Candace Geiger Trio performed on the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Caribbean-themed Shebang held forth on the Merlot, while Rhythm Café held forth on the Fume Blanc.

As if that wasn’t enough, Doug Daley was spinning tunes as a DJ on the Pinot Noir. Daley Entertainment also had a Karaoke booth set up, but for the most part the guests had more interest in what the vendors had to offer, and less in being the center of attention themselves. They left the entertainment to the professionals!

A Festive Commodore Events Showcase

“Putting on successful events for clients is a real collaboration,” said Morgan Proescher, President of Commodore Events. “These vendors pour their hearts and souls into their creations, and this is a chance for them to show what they can do, and a chance for us to acknowledge how much they do for us.”

The vendors certainly gave the audiences an energetic introduction to their capabilities. With the floral arrangements from Susan Bell Florals complementing EVNTWRKS’ table and scene settings, matched to the cuisine served by Commodore’s own team, there was a continually festive tone on every yacht.

“Creating just the right environment for your special event, whether a company team building, a wedding, birthday or prom, takes a strong team of seasoned professionals to have your event happen just as you hoped it would,” added Linda Wright, Director of Sales and Events for Commodore.

“This is a wonderful, engaging, involving way to explore all the options I have in creating a wonderful event,” said guest Jennie Chan. “The events team at Commodore understands that seeing something visually, in the venue, is a fabulous way to assess what would work best for us. This showcase was a lot fun, too. I met some great people while sampling the food and listening to the music.”

Commodore offers its EventEverything service with confidence, said Wright near the end of the evening, “because we have such confidence in the quality of the work our vendors deliver. We really love working with them!”

Charter a Commodore Yacht as Your Next Event Venue

Our private yacht event venues are the finest in the area. Let us help you plan your next event from a different point of view, and truly exceed your expectations. Whether you hold a corporate event, wedding, formal dance or family celebration, you won’t find a better setting than on one of our yachts cruising San Francisco Bay! Call us at (877) 346-4000, or you may also reach us via our online contact form.


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