If you are working to build your business, do not underestimate the power of entertainment. Although it might seem counter-intuitive if you are working within a tight budget, wining and dining clients, potential clients, and industry-related individuals could actually help to boost your organization. Perhaps the best aspect of entertaining clients is that you can enjoy yourself in the process.

4 points to consider on your next outing with clients or peers in your industry

Remember that It’s Business

While the temptation may be strong to drink too much or divulge your deepest thoughts, remember that this is still, essentially, a business meeting. Don’t attend a business dinner or other outing wearing your favorite T-shirt and sweats. Sure, you can be relaxed and have some fun, but the point is to impress your clients.

Consider the Specific Client

Before you invite a client to be your guest, do a little research on that person or company. If a potential client is an avid basketball fan, get tickets to a Warriors game. If the person is new to the area, book a charter yacht and cruise around the San Francisco Bay. When you are able to connect with a client on a personal level, a productive business discussion may arise more naturally than it otherwise might.

Don’t Forget to Write It Off

Make sure that you keep all of the receipts when you entertain clients and business associates. The drinks, the dinners, and even the parking fees may all be handed over to the person who does your taxes. This is one of the perks of taking clients out, but can be easily forgotten until it becomes a habit.

Be Attentive

Another habit worth cultivating is being attentive. Stay off of your phone unless you must deal with an emergency. Also, practice good listening skills when you are spending quality time with your clients. Planning an outing is useless if you don’t use the opportunity to make your client feel special.

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