Summer and the Holiday Season have little in common, except for planning. Now is the best time to reserve both summer and holiday venues for company meetings and celebrations.

If you wish to organize a summer company outing or team-building exercise, venues are widely available. We have various dates still open for our yacht rentals between July 4 and Labor Day, for instance.

If you wish to find a venue for your company holiday party, however, NOW is the time to book it. Our yachts already have multiple reservations in place for December.

Corporate Offsites Beat Onsites for Results

Companies are finding that offsite events add value to their bottom line by being much more productive than onsite events. They work better because they take your staff away from their routine, and reduce interruptions from colleagues and clients. People won’t be able to take quick trips back to their desks either. Your staff will be more present physically and mentally, with their attention better focused on your agenda.

Offsites improve team cohesiveness and collaboration, and raise strategic focus. Corporate events with activities that emphasize team participation, instead of passive presentations, help to heighten overall motivation, and improve both creativity and productivity. Because there is a festive feeling associated with any such occasions, your employees are also likely to be at their best in terms of mood and enthusiasm. Even your holiday party benefits from having planned activities, like photo booths, magic acts and contests that better engage your employees.

Summer is Team-Building Season

Summer is an opportune time to hold team-building events.

  • The summer weather is reliable in the Bay Area; you don’t need rain dates.
  • People are more relaxed, client pressures often ease, and it is easier to get people out of the office to spend time together.
  • You have to work around vacation schedules, but most folks have those planned out, and you can find the day when everyone is available.

The Holidays are Celebration Season

The company holiday party is best designed to celebrate all the hard work and success your employees achieved throughout the year. Activities are less focused on learning and bonding, more focused on fostering togetherness.

The Holidays are a busy time, however, so you need to lock in dates and venues now to ensure a great setting for the event, and a confirmed spot on your employee’s calendars.

Commodore: Setting a New Standard for Corporate Events

Yacht cruises on San Francisco Bay offer are a uniquely elegant way to celebrate the success of your company or engage in team-building activities. Commodore Events offers our EventEverything planning service that take care of all the vendors and logistics, and provide a dedicated planner to see your event through to success.

If you hope to yield a positive meeting return-on-investment (ROI), let us assist in your event planning this summer, Fall and Winter. With our world-class menus, impeccable service, and six luxury yachts, we know your next corporate event will have great bottom-line impact.

The time to plan your company team-building or holiday party is NOW. Contact us today, to create an unforgettable outing for your staff.