Luxury Boat Rental: A Step Above

Today, the corporate market is much more competitive than ever. If companies want to remain relevant players in their industry they must adapt – and quickly. The most important reason for this tipping point in business is the fact that with so many different options available to choose from, it becomes that much easier to switch allegiances overnight.

Fortunately, intricate problems tend to have an easy answer. If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, then take a bolder approach – plan your next corporate event aboard a luxury yacht. At first glance, this might sound unnecessary and even pretentious, but here are two solid reasons why it’s not only a smart strategy but also a secure investment:

1. Team Bonding Improvement And Confidence Booster
Just as important as landing numerous contracts and closing massive deals with your external clients, maintaining a healthy level of self-realization and fulfillment amongst your internal associates is critical. Here’s why:

In 2013, millions of North American employees took part in a survey to better understand the most common sources of stress, and the numbers speak for themselves. Roughly 41 percent recorded work overload as their primary source of stress, and 62 percent reported to have a stress level much heavier than they could handle.

Don’t let burnout consume your most priceless asset – your people. By charting a luxury yacht for your next intra-company events – such as team building activities, corporate dinners, or staff awards – you’ll be giving all of your collaborators a sense of belonging, purpose, and confidence to continue supporting your endeavor with their invaluable set of skills.

2. Customer Fidelity Enhancement – Both For Current And Potential Clients
Much like all other social connections, your business relationships with your customers are bonds built on trust, loyalty, honesty, and reliability – consistently and over time. Think of it as a garden: you prepare the land, sow the seeds, protect it from external threats, and reap your fruits.

It doesn’t end there, though. If you don’t tend to your garden for the next season, it will wither, and perish. Business relationships are gardens – your gardens. Given that there might come a time when your fair prices, adequate customer service, and casual courtesies could not be enough anymore, move a level up. Keep that marketing flame sparkling bright by taking both current and potential clients from the dull office walls and out onto San Francisco Bay, amongst other destinations.

Yacht Charter Events on San Francisco Bay

A corporate yacht charter is ideal for business meetings, product presentations, workshops, and galas. Additionally, it’s one of the safest investments you could make – both for your firm and for your buyers. Take advantage of our team of professional event managers. Contact us today at (510) 337-9000 to schedule your event from a different point of view!