In many regions of our country, having a wedding “season” that focuses on the warmer months makes sense. Unpredictable winter weather can make attending a special occasion challenging for both guests and the wedding party, so winter weddings are less appealing.

Here in the Bay Area, however, we enjoy a climate that is comparatively mild, and the scenery here is stunningly beautiful year-round. That is especially true of the views on a yacht in San Francisco Bay, and it is one of the many reasons couples choose wedding dates in any season of the year. They have more options and more flexibility to fit their nuptials more comfortably around their own work and vacation schedules.

Wedding Season Lasts All Year on San Francisco Bay

Weddings outside the summer season can also be a boon for your guests. A spring or fall wedding will find more of them in town, unlike in the summer when conflicting vacations plans might keep them from attending. Guests flying in from out of town might also be able to secure reduced hotel rates in a less popular month, as well. If you want to increase the chances that a favorite cousin or beloved friend can be at your wedding, consider a wedding date outside the busy summer travel season!

Make the Most of Your Wedding Budget

Because the wedding season traditionally runs from May through September, even in the Bay Area, you could have more venue and vendor options overall by holding your special event in the “off season.” Our yachts, for instance, are in great demand all summer, but may have more dates (and the perfectly-sized yacht for your party) available in November or March. Other vendor services such as flowers, photographers, and entertainment for the reception could also be more available.

Enjoy the Spectacular Weather

With a San Francisco Bay wedding cruise, the weather is likely to be beautiful at any time of year.

Cruise San Francisco Bay for Your Fall or Winter Wedding

If you are searching for a wedding venue for your “off-season” wedding, consider a yacht wedding and a bay cruise. The views of the city and sunsets from the water are unforgettable at any time of year so you will always celebrate the occasion with a breathtaking backdrop. Call Commodore Cruises & Events at (877) 346-4000 for more information on a wedding aboard one of our luxury yachts. Or send us a note!