Organizing a wedding is surely an exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming. The best way to stay on top of your wedding planning is to take it step by step. Don’t attempt to cover every detail of the event all at once. Take a few deep breaths, and remember to try and enjoy the preparations to create what will most likely be one of the most special days of your life, thus far. By dividing your initial planning into the following five steps, you will arrange the wedding of your dreams without any additional stress or worry.

Planning Your Wedding Made Simple

  1. Making the Announcement

Spread the big news! This can be accomplished in a variety of creative ways. Whether you proclaim your wonderful news over social media, printed announcements, or your local newspaper, tell your closest relatives and dearest friends first. In most cases, the parents or other family members that will be hosting the wedding should be the ones to formally make the announcement.

  1. Selecting the Date

Soon after your engagement has been announced, you will need to set a date for the wedding. You should have a few different dates in mind, in case your desired wedding venue is unavailable on your first date of choice. Consider planning the wedding in an off-season; as you might be able to cut costs by getting a handful of vendor discounts… so keep this in mind!

  1. Establishing a Budget

Your available budget will determine many of the additional details, so establish this as early in the process as possible. Talk to the parents of each party about how much they wish to contribute, before deciding how much you and your fiance would like to add to that fund.

  1. Creating a Guest List

Now with your budget in place, you can begin thinking about how many people to accommodate. This will be the bedrock from which you develop your guest list. Build this list hesitantly, or you could quickly surpass the limit imposed by your spending allowance. Remember: you can always throw a more informal party for friends after the honeymoon.

  1. Choosing the Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is an important, perhaps the most so, factor to consider. Thus, the setting you choose should serve as more than just a mere backdrop. Ideally, you will find a venue that is as unique and special as the day itself, but that still fits seamlessly within your budget. The wedding venue should also fulfill all your needs with catering, bar, entertainment, space, ambiance, vendors and flexibility with your vendors if have already.

By planning these five steps beforehand and proactively, you will eliminate a great deal of the initial pressure you might be feeling. If you need help planning your wedding in the Bay Area, Commodore Cruises & Events is happy to assist.

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