Oakland is a leading international destination for events. In autumn, an assortment of major conventions will take place at various venues in the area. Such events often serve as a backdrop for offsite meetings and team-building activities. Adding a Bay cruise to your Oakland convention agenda could be a game-changing decision for your team.

Cruise the Bay During Your Oakland Convention this Fall

Wise corporate event planners are sure to maximize the opportunity to send their teams to relevant conventions in Oakland. They know that these events have the potential to deliver a powerful meeting return-on-investment (ROI).
Numerous companies also recognize the advantage of being so close to the Bay. That proximity makes it so easy to include a spectacular dinner cruise among the activities. This will be an ideal time to strengthen your employees as a team, enabling them to share what they learn at the convention. This is also a time when your team members can collaborate, and the experience may inspire plans for current and future projects.

Last year, we were proud to be the host for companies that were in the area to attend a convention. We have found that in many cases, event planners are surprised and delighted by how affordable a yacht charter actually can be. Charters are quite competitive in terms of cost, and because the prices are relatively predictable, they may be easier to plan for than trying to find things to do in Oakland. In addition, for those who have planned company yacht charters in the past, they know that having an organized agenda for evening activities is invaluable.

Fall will soon be here, and thousands of people plan to flock to Oakland to participate in local events. While here, they are likely to appreciate the incredible weather we get in the autumn. When you cruise with us during this season, you will see firsthand that September through November is the best time of year to be on the Bay.

After a long day of making your way through throngs of people at your convention, you can rest easy in the fact that your evening will be both relaxing and invigorating. At this point, you can leave the details to our team, so you may enjoy quality time with your team.

Below are some of the largest and most noteworthy conventions that will take place in Oakland this autumn:

AHMA Annual Conference September 9-10
The Affordable Housing Management Association of Northern California will present their 38th annual trade show at the Oakland Marriott City Center. They expect to receive around 1,000 professionals who work in affordable housing.

Bay Bridge Ruby Conference September 27-28
This will be the inaugural conference for this group, and the theme is “Building Bridges” (in relation to the Ruby software community). Up to 100 individuals are expected to attend this event at Impact Hub Oakland.

REBA Fall Summit October 20-22
The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is to hold its autumn summit at the Oakland Convention Center. The event is by invitation only, and invites may be extended to key market stakeholders, service providers, developers, and renewable energy buyers. Over 400 people attended last year’s event.

The Verge Conference October 22 – 24
This event is co-located with the REBA Conference at the Oakland Convention Center. Over 3,000 leaders concerned with cultivating a clean economy are projected to attend the conference.

Escape from the Crowds of the Convention to the Bliss of a Commodore Evening Bay Cruise

Oakland conventions, conferences, and numerous other events are held throughout the year. Many of these events are exciting, but they can also be overwhelming. Give your team a way to relax with each other, as well as to share what they’ve learned and to recharge their energy before the next day of activity. We are happy to accommodate your convention group dinners and other corporate team dinners, and autumn is a perfect time to experience the views from the Bay.
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