A yacht charter on San Francisco Bay is an adventure. In just a few hours you can cruise under two famous bridges, view Alcatraz and Angel Island, and capture views of the San Francisco and East Bay skylines. And all of that is just a backdrop to the social event you plan with friends, family or company event you plan with coworkers.

Make the Most of Your Bay Area Yacht Charter

To make your special event the one of your dreams, you must carefully consider how to plan it. Feel free to brainstorm! Start to visually lay out how your yacht charter adventure can eventually work well in advance of the event. Talk to our team of event planners, who have years of experience making our spaces work well for clients. Always ask questions and consider interesting alternatives to ensure your event is one to remember!

Number of Guests and their needs: How many guests will be attending your special occasion? Regardless of the type of party being planned, you may have special requirements to fulfill all the specific needs of your guests. They may have dietary restrictions. Or, if you plan to have children on board, speak to us about safety needs and appropriate entertainment.

Type of Event/Party: Figure out what kind of event you want then work with our staff on how to put it together. Whether a birthday party, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, corporate event or any other special occasion, we can help you select the appropriate setting and theme.

Date of The Event: When would you like to take your cruise? Birthdays and anniversaries have target dates, but other social gatherings may have some flexibility in choosing time of year and day of the week. Each season in the Bay Area offers its own charm on San Francisco Bay.

Choice of Food: Menu is always important. Great food adds to a great event. Our chef has years of experience offering menus that complement your social program or company agenda.

Music Selection: Choosing the right type of DJ or band for your special occasion is another critical aspect of giving your guests a memorable yacht charter event. Having a choice that offers diverse styles works with larger groups. Families celebrating birthdays and anniversaries may have a specific type of music they wish to hear.

A Yacht Charter is a Wonderful Bay Area Event Venue

We have been conducting our guests through their special celebrations for decades in safety and comfort. We will take excellent care of you! Contact us here or call our office in Alameda at 877-346-4000. Welcome aboard!