Spring has long been a traditional wedding season, but Millennials are creating new traditions for their springtime nuptials. Instead of embracing old conventions, such as tossing garters and bridal bouquets, countless couples are opting for wedding rituals that reflect their modern values and aesthetics. One factor that remains timeless is that couples appreciate special experiences. If your wedding event planning includes Millennials, you might find them adding some of the following concepts.

San Francisco Millennial Weddings Upending Traditions

Paying for the Event Themselves

Conventionally, the bride’s parents foot the bill for the wedding. Today, it is now common for couples to pay for their own nuptials. In fact, some people have even started crowdfunding campaigns to cover the costs of staging a wedding. With a variety of long-held traditions being exchanged for more practical options, the price of a wedding, including one on our spectacular yacht venues, now may be more affordable than a comparable wedding a decade ago might have cost.

Celebrating Longer With Guests

Since numerous couples opt to postpone their honeymoons, partying longer after the ceremony is a popular choice. When receptions are held at luxurious, comfortable locations, such as a yacht on San Francisco Bay, it is simple to make a seamless transition from the reception to the after-party event. Also, by keeping the celebration at one venue, the logistics are easier for guests, who don’t have to try to find transportation to a second party spot.

Symbolic Choices

Another sign of Millennial practicality is the trend of using gemstones other than diamonds. Instead of the usual sparkling white stones, couples today might opt for stones that are less expensive and showy, but still quite beautiful and romantic, such as amethyst or topaz.

New Experiences

To a broad array of Millennials, the overall experience is more important than convention or symbolism. Such people are more content to organize an experience for all to remember. Whether they select a venue in the mountains, at the beach, or aboard an elegant yacht, they expect the occasion to be unforgettable.

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