With Thanksgiving falling on November 28 in 2019, the holiday season is a short three weeks this year. All the competing social obligations will be squeezed into the first two weekends (folks will be taking off for family visits by the third weekend), so there are fewer options for scheduling your annual company holiday party.
For your office party planner, this can make finding a December date a challenge. It will be difficult to coordinate a day that allows most of your employees to attend. And the point of the party is to gather everyone together to celebrate the year’s successes. This is why corporate event managers are taking another look at when to plan their holiday event.

Schedule a Mid-Week or January Holiday Party

The first decision is to avoid the two crowded holiday weekends. Your options for event venues will be limited since almost everyone will be planning their event at the very same time. So focus on:

Mid-Week December Event Dates

A weekend party is optimal because folks don’t need to trudge into work the next day, but better venues like yacht charters and party boats will probably be booked by now. Mid-week dates are more available as there are eleven evenings available between December 2 and December 18. And mid-week venues like our yacht venues are less expensive than weekend bookings.

Early January Event Dates

In January, lots of options open up. You can get exactly the day and time slots and locations you wish, with far less competition for venues and vendors than is the case in December. And January event venues and catering bookings are less expensive than weekend dates in December!
Consider the first weekend of January. It is a short week, and with everyone grumpy about the holidays being over, having a company event that week would be a great energy shot-in-the-arm and a wonderful kick-off for the New Year at work.

Lower Stress and Higher Attendance

Everyone tends to be stressed out during the holidays. There is never enough time to see the family, shop for gifts, and stay productive at work. Hosting your company holiday party amidst all this chaos can add to the stress, which is not the goal of the event! A Monday cruise in December, or a January gathering lowers the stress of “fitting the event in” and allows many more people to attend.

Celebrate 2019 and Kick-Off 2020 Right

Imagine how fabulous your team will feel when all of them get to attend a conveniently scheduled holiday party! And make it truly memorable with a Commodore bay cruise. Host your holiday event in the unique, opulent setting of a luxury yacht on the San Francisco Bay. We can board groups from 20 to 350 on our SF Wine Fleet party boats.
Simply call us: 510.337.9000, email us or contact us through this website. Our talented Holiday Event Managers will take care of the planning, preparation, and execution so that you can relax and enjoy your party!