Team-building meetings are important for a variety of reasons, including boosting morale, and ultimately, improving overall staff productivity. Event planners must address many factors when organizing of such events to maximize the meeting return-on-investment (ROI). A key factor is choosing the locations of your events. Below, you may explore some of the benefits associated with both onsite and offsite meetings.

Meeting Venue Effectiveness vs Convenience

Convenience is one reason that many businesses hold team-building activities on their premises. It might seem easier to gather your employees on site instead of planning an event at a different location.

However, taking the meeting offsite could make it much easier to accomplish your objectives and obtain profitable outcomes. Offsite meetings disconnect your staff from their day-to-day obligations and can give workers a renewed sense of strategic perspective. This usually leads to higher productivity overall in the succeeding months.

Accessibility vs Team Building

If all of your meetings are held in the workplace, employees will be considered by non-meeting participants as more available to address work issues that arise during any given meeting. That can be beneficial for businesses that operate 24/7 but can really dent the mental focus of participants. This hinders the goals of the event organizers.

If the goal is to build team cohesiveness and spirit via targeted activities, your efforts will be impacted by employees who are continuously exiting the setting you’ve chosen.

Taking the meeting offsite eliminates these temptations. Even if you need to close your office for a few hours to do this, the end result could be well worth it. Another strategy is to invite half the staff to one meeting and the other half to the next event. Facilitate this by creating an organized task coverage plan for meeting days.

Work Ethic vs Team Spirit

While it is imperative that you encourage a strong work ethic among your staff, you must also balance that out by inspiring your team to excel. This demands finding time away from desks to think more deeply about the business and its challenges.

You foster that strategic imperative to build a stronger, more dedicated team by treating your workers to a change of scenery. Some workshops and seminars might be better received when offered in a comfortably elegant environment, such as aboard a yacht on San Francisco Bay. Such a setting can open the mind to more possibilities, leading to creative problem solving when staff members return to the office. Also, there will likely be fewer interruptions when you take a meeting away from the workplace.

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