If you are planning corporate events for your company, one of your top objectives is to motivate your executives and other staff to engage more deeply with your mission and strategic plan. When planned with foresight and creativity, company events can also provide team-building activities that build staff cohesion. Consider the following thoughts and tips on how a destination meeting will improve the productivity of your event and have a positive impact on your team cohesion and focus.

The Power of Offsite Destination Meetings

No matter how engaging your corporate environment might be, taking some meetings away from home base is always exciting for your staff. For instance, you offer your executives a chance to convene in a new setting that will inject new perspectives and fresh thinking by breaking them out of their in-office routines. Whether you opt for a weekend at a mountain resort or an afternoon or evening aboard a luxury yacht charter, your employees will gain energy from the change of location and pace. Additionally, getting away from the daily routine will help your executives to view common work issues in new ways.

Make the Most of Your Chosen Destination

Simply selecting a place to hold your corporate event isn’t enough; you will need to create an environment and provide activities that ignite the professional passion in your staff members. An appealing location is certainly useful, but be sure to plan a schedule that sparks interest in your attendees. You might explore team-building activities designed to foster communication and cooperation among participants.
The key is to strike a balance between a pleasing venue and an agenda that reflects your primary objectives. One way to accomplish this is to provide the main part of your business meeting for the first two-thirds of the day. Then, participants will be free to enjoy the venue’s amenities after the bulk of your agenda has been given the proper amount of attention. You could offer further incentive (and ensure a “captive audience”) by engaging your staff in team building activities that yield prizes to those who remain involved throughout the course of the event.

As an example, when an executive team chooses to hold their annual strategic planning meeting on a Commodore yacht, they get the business discussions concluded while moored in our slip, and then depart for an evening dinner cruise to deepen staff engagement with the agenda and each other.

Host your Meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area

During the months between the winter holidays and summer, if you choose San Francisco as your destination locale, you can take advantage of off-season rates and packages. Numerous hotels and airlines offer discounts to encourage business travel at this time of year. Oakland, in particular, offers excellent lodging options that will fit into your travel budget when combined with our meeting event venue options. And our yachts are berthed right next door in Alameda!

Explore the Possibilities of One of the Bay Area’s Leading Yacht Venues!

When you are organizing a destination meeting for your company, you seek a positive return-on-investment (ROI). The staff at Commodore Cruises & Events is experienced at working with your corporate event planning team to ensure your budget works. Our long list of attributes, from tempting menus, to stellar customer service, to the remarkable views from San Francisco Bay, will leave your team newly energized upon returning to work. Call us at (877) 346-4000, or contact us online for further details about planning company events aboard one of our world-class yacht venues.