Executive retreats can be highly beneficial to your company. Such events give C-Suite or senior managers a time away from the office to give each other their undivided attention. Many businesses make vital decisions in terms of growth and general direction at these decision-maker sessions. Thus, how you plan your next retreat could generate significant ROI for your company in 2020. 

How to Run Executive Retreats with High ROI

Meeting Planners focus on five key areas to navigate the challenge of organizing successful executive retreats.

Make Your Meeting Objectives Clear Upfront

Before you schedule any offsite with key executives, agree on what your objectives are.

  • Do you want to create a space where a newly formed group needs high-level team building?
  • Is it time to bring your executives together to make strategic directional choices?
  • Do you need to get to get everyone aligned and fully engaged with a strategic plan that is about to roll out?

Once you have established the main focus of your event, create a detailed agent to circulate to the team to get their minds focused on what you wish to accomplish.

Determine an Appropriate Local Meeting Venue

Although destination meetings have a high value in rewarding a year’s worth of hard work, many companies are opting to keep offsite meetings that are critical working session local. This helps to minimize spending, and it may also be less disruptive for participants. However, try to avoid predictable venues and locations. Show your staff that you value them by choosing a venue that is both practical and charming. The extra care you take in this area may pay off by inspiring your execs and renewing their spirits. In turn, this can lead to a better overall meeting return-on-investment (ROI).

Keep Your Company Culture in Mind

As you organize the details of your event, remember that it should reflect the culture of your team. If your list of attendees is relatively large, you might want to assign people to smaller groups. If the general dynamic at your business is casual, don’t attempt to invoke a very serious or formal tone for the occasion.

Allow Your Team to Relax

If your agenda for offsite meetings is rigorous, plan for a second location where your executives can unwind after their work duties have been fulfilled. If you decide to hold the actual meeting at a local hotel, your team can adjourn to a memorable local dinner venue, such as a yacht charter, to cement the gains of the day with an evening of camaraderie.

A Memorable Yacht Venue for Unforgettable Executive Retreats

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