When you organize company events, remember how vital a change of scenery can be. Everyone grows weary of seeing the same meeting rooms meeting by meeting. How can you overcome this collective sense of boredom and better inspire your team? One of the most efficient ways to reach such a goal is to plan offsite meetings that allow your team to experience their work from a different point of view. By offering your employees and clients a change of venue and pace, you can help them find a new outlook on the issues facing your business.

Why Take a Business Meeting on a San Francisco Bay Cruise?

Why not get the most from your budget by scheduling your next work event aboard a yacht? You can work half as hard on planning, thanks to dedicated event planning services, and accomplish twice as much. A cruise on San Francisco Bay is the ideal place to re-engage your staff and rejuvenate them. Whether you are planning an event for your employees or your clients, hosting it on a luxury yacht is a solid business decision.

Increased Flexibility

Let’s face it: You can only do so much to liven up standard hotel meeting rooms. Why plan a destination meeting in a fascinating place like San Francisco if you plan to hide your attendees in a meeting space that could be just about anywhere? A yacht charter on the Bay offers much in terms of flexibility. You can choose from a variety of menus, and you will also have access to amenities such as music and dancing and live entertainment. An experienced event planner can also help you select team-building activities that fit your corporate culture.

Greater Affordability

You might be surprised by how much it can cost to rent some of the conference rooms at venues around the Bay Area. Those costs can be a burden whether you are a smaller business or handle event planning for a large corporation. Yacht venues are surprisingly affordable, particularly when various amenities are included as part of a package. Such venues also provide a far more interesting environment than that conference room tucked away in a big hotel.

An Incomparable Sense of Luxury

Your team will also feel pampered and appreciated. Your staff and clients can unwind as they take in the awe-inspiring views of San Francisco Bay. You will have (and hold) their attention as you address your attendees in a meeting room far removed from your company workplace. Our staff will cater to the needs of your guests, leaving you free to bond with each other amid a day with a nice balance of hard work and relaxation.

Bay Area Yacht Venues for Business Meetings

Get away from the office for your next business meeting! Provide your clients and staff members with corporate events they will remember. The team at Commodore Cruises & Events can help make event planning easy, and you may be surprised by the meeting return-on-investment (ROI) that such a venue yields. Call us at (877) 346-4000, or contact us online for more details.