Executives know the value of offsite meetings. An offsite gives a team the break it needs from the hustle and stress of office work. Teams can also explore issues more deeply and productively in a less distracting, more focused environment. And in the San Francisco Bay Area, excellent offsite venues abound that offer more than the four beige walls of a hotel conference room.

Why Does a Meeting Cruise on San Francisco Bay Makes So Much Sense?

There are two main reasons why you might want to hold your meeting on a boat cruise.

  • You get your team out of their routine. Yacht charters like those we offer provide full meeting facilities, with room for breakout sessions and refreshment breaks. And during the breaks, nothing is more relaxing than leaning on the rail and taking in the fresh air to recharge your batteries and tackle the next session on the agenda.
  • A bay cruise also offers a touch of travel to your day out of the office, without having to add lodging and travel expenses to the budget.

There are plenty of activities in the Bay Area that would be memorable and exciting, but a lot of them also call for logistics, like driving from place to place, making multiple arrangements with individual vendors, and so forth. Isn’t the whole point of an offsite to relax and get away from the grind for just a little while? Simplify the whole experience with our EventEverything meeting planning.

The Bay Area has long been known for its fine dining restaurants and its variety of activities, but many of them force you to travel over an hour and battle traffic. That’s the critical gap we fill in at Commodore Cruises & Events. We sail from Alameda, a much more accessible departure point for businesses in the East Bay. And we have free parking! Are you located on the peninsula? No problem, you can embark from San Francisco as well. Once aboard, you don’t have to do anything except relax, focus on your agenda and enjoy the surroundings. Great food is provided along with wonderful entertainment (if desired) in an environment conducive to productivity.

Summer Team Building Season is fast approaching

If your event planning thoughts have started to turn to team building offsites in Spring or Summer, contact Commodore to explore ideas for creating a truly memorable, productive offsite. Give your team an unforgettable private cruise experience or a special event. Let us handle everything else for you. Make your time together memorable with an Offsite Bay Cruise!